6 Things You Should Get Before Adopting a Cat

4. Scratchers, Toys, and Cat Trees

Cats like a high, safe place from which they can see the environment below. Then there are cat trees. Owners should look for one that is tall and strong, according to Paul. Otherwise, the cat will find out another high place to climb and sit.  like the cabinets in your kitchen.

Scratching is another natural behavior of cats. You’ll want to provide a suitable environment for your new pet to do so. As if it were a cat scratcher. According to Paul, most cats like tall ones that are 3 feet or taller since they like to stretch out and sink their claws into them. “It’s like kitty yoga,” he explains.

Both the tree and the scratcher, according to Kruger, should be placed in areas your cat frequents so he will use them. They won’t be used if they’re placed in a room you or your cat don’t frequent, and your cat might start scratching anything else, like the couch.

Try a variety of other toys, such as balls, teasers, catnip toys, and various household items (string, ribbons, a box). But the most important thing is that you participate in cat-related activities. Sit down for some playing once or twice a day. This helps in the bonding and socialization of your cats.

Purchasing a wand (or fishing pole) toy, according to Kruger, is an excellent idea. The object at the end of the line is entertaining to catch, and it will prevent your cat or kitten from mistaking your hand for a play.

“It’s a terrific way to burn off their energy, especially with younger cats,” Kruger explains

Finding the perfect toys for your cat, he says, is primarily a matter of “feeling your cat out.” He may choose toys that are much smaller than he is, similar to how his wild parents preferred prey. Ribbons may be preferable to shy cats.

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