8 Tips for Helping Your Cat Lose Weight

It is critical that your cat “capture” its prey during the gaming session. Otherwise, they will become dissatisfied and either quit playing with you or act out in response to her unsatisfied desires. If you play with a laser pointer, make sure to include some kitty playtime with a toy she can catch.

  • Make use of puzzle toys and feeders
    Puzzle feeders can assist to slow down picky eaters, prevent boredom, and provide extra exercise. By enabling cats to forage and “hunt” for their food, they allow them to eat more intuitively.
    Food-distributing toys for cats are available for purchase, and you can even construct your own. Begin with a simple puzzle and progress to more challenging varieties based on your cat’s preferences.
    Some simple DIY puzzle-feeding possibilities are:
    Fill a lunch bag with catnip, catnip-covered toy mice, treats, or pieces of dry kibble. Your cat can explore, pounce, and kill (destroy the bag). It’s a fantastic hiding spot as well as a fun toy.
    Paper towel roll inners are made by folding a paper towel roll in half, folding it in the ends, and cutting a few small to large holes. You can then fill it with dry food or low-fat goodies. Reduce the size of the holes as your cat becomes more accustomed to them.
    Empty water bottles: Remove the wrapping, cut a few tiny to large holes, and fill them with snacks. You may increase the complexity of this DIY puzzle toy by leaving the lid on or off.

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