Are you thinking about adopting a pet?

6 – I am self-employed and work from home :

Chinchillas are wonderful companions with a surprising amount of personality, but they do demand a lot of care. Because chinchillas can become depressed if kept in a cage, and few people want a play pen taking up space in their living room, it’s critical that a chinchilla’s owner takes the time to let them out of their cage to play and explore — they enjoy games and treats! In addition to spending time outside their cage, chinchillas require dust cleaning several times a week to keep their dense fur clean. They’re fast, so keeping an eye on them while they’re out of their cage is important, especially to prevent them from biting cords, furniture, or personal items (and believe me they will).

7 – I enjoy traveling :

A Betta fish is an excellent alternative if you enjoy traveling but yet want some life in your house. And, while they shouldn’t share a tank with any other fish (they’re extremely territorial), do them a favor and purchase them a lovely big tank with plants, rocks, or a hammock to swim around in (they enjoy resting on them). Bettas are also quite easy to look after while you’re traveling.

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