Can Cats see spirits, Angels, or Ghosts? The Truth explained

It’s Only a Cat Methodology ?

In ancient Egypt, Cats were worshiped, and Egyptian culture is well known for its loyalty to cats. Killing a cat was viewed as a crime and any individual who did was seriously punished. If a pet feline died, everyone in the family of its owners needed to shave their eyebrows.

Bastet or Bast was an ancient Egyptian goddess of protection and felines. She was the little girl of Ra, sister of sekhmet and his defender – she was, in addition, the defender of ladies’ secrets and a guardian against bad spirits and illnesses.

Not only did ancient Egyptians worship the cat, they also considered it as a way of speaking with the realm of spirits. So if ancient Egyptian mythology is to be accepted, cats can speak with spirits, and it tracks that they may likewise have the option to obviously recognize one.

Indeed, ancient Egyptian mythology claims cats are mediators between the human and spirits realms. Could this be true?

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