Cat’s Diarrhea: Causes and 5 Treatment Options You Should Try

Cats with Acute Diarrhea

When it comes to the causes of acute diarrhea in cats, there are six primary types:

  • Infectious disease (parasitic, protozoal, bacterial, fungal, or viral)
  • Inflammatory conditions (such as food allergies)
  • Endocrine or metabolic (such as diabetes or hyperthyroidism)
  • Cancerous
  • Obstructive
  • Poisonous/toxic

In cats, treats or unexpected diet changes can also cause diarrhea. It’s critical to ensure that the things you give your cat are well examined and given gradually.

If treats or new foods (canned or dry) are contaminated, introduced unexpectedly, include components that are poisonous to cats, or contain ingredients that cats are allergic to, they might cause diarrhea.

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