Cat’s Diarrhea: Causes and 5 Treatment Options You Should Try

  • 4. With the use of probiotics

Normal digestion requires healthy bacterial populations in a cat’s digestive system. When they are interrupted, a cat’s diarrhea can persist long after the initial insult has passed (stress, sickness, antibiotic therapy, etc.). Probiotic pills can help in the normalization of a cat’s gut bacterial population. Choose a probiotic that is created by a trustworthy firm and is labeled for use in cats.

  • 5. Anti-diarrheal Medicines

Without veterinary supervision, most anti-diarrheal medicines should not be administered on cats. Some of them are downright harmful, but kaolin-pectin treatments are safe for cats. The standard dosing guidelines are 1 teaspoon for 5 pounds of body weight every four to six hours. Be informed that in the United States, some products that previously contained kaolin-pectin are no longer available.

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