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Cats with Bad Breath and Drooling Causes, Treatment, and Preventive Measures

What Is Drooling and Bad Breath?

An underlying disease is frequently the source of bad breath (halitosis) and drooling. Some bad breath is to be expected when a cat consumes pungent cat food, but if the odor is unusually strong, it may signal a more serious problem. Drooling is also typical in a happy, relaxed cat, but excessive or rapid onset is cause for concern.
Symptoms of Cat Drooling and Bad Breath
In most cases, the symptoms of bad breath and drooling in cats are related to underlying reasons. If you detect any troubling symptoms, such as poor breath or drooling, see your veterinarian right away.
Symptoms :

• Foul odor

• Bleeding gums

• Pain

• Face swelling

• Vomiting

• Inability to eat or drink

• Balance issues

• Unable to close mouth

• Difficulty breathing

• Mouth sores

• Pawing at the face

• Discolored eyes

Bad breath and drooling in cats are indications of a variety of diseases. Many symptoms are related to the mouth and face, such as difficulty using the mouth, oral sores, and bleeding gums. Other symptoms may appear unrelated to the mouth at first look, but they can signal a serious illness causing bad breath and drooling. For example, if your cat is drooling and unable to balance, it may have a neurological problem. If your cat has terrible breath and bloody gums, it could be suffering from stomatitis.

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