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Cats with Bad Breath and Drooling Causes, Treatment, and Preventive Measures

  • Diabetes: Bad breath caused by uncontrolled diabetes has a unique fruity or sweet odor. Because a diabetic cat cannot transfer fatty acids from adipose tissue to triglycerides for energy, the fatty acids are transformed into useless ketones instead. These ketones are responsible for the sweet-smelling breath seen in diabetic ketoacidosis cats.
  • Intestinal blockage: Cats are known to consume things they shouldn’t, which can lead to an obstruction in the intestinal tract. Circulation may be disrupted, resulting in organ failure. In a cat with an intestinal blockage, necrosis and vomiting can cause bad breath.
  • Oral trauma: Mouth trauma can cause poor breath and drool. Infections or bleeding from the wound cause pain, stench, and drooling that frequently contains blood. This form of trauma can happen if a cat bites an electrical cord or has a piece of string cut off the circulation on its tongue.
  • Some cats suffer from respiratory problems that affect their sinuses and nasal passages. 4 These conditions, which frequently entail inflammation, are known as rhinitis and sinusitis. Inflammation can also cause infection, foul breath, and drooling.

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