How to Get Your Kitten Ready for Their First Vet Visit?

What You Will Require

Whether you head to the doctor right after picking up your new kitten or wait a day or two, you’ll need to have a few things ready for the first checkup.

  • Any papers or information provided by the shelter or old owner, make a list of any worries you have about the kitten.
  • Sample of a stool
  • Carrier for cats
  • Treats for Cats

Give out health-related information

It’s critical for your veterinarian to know if and what kind of treatments and vaccinations the kitten has already had. Bring any documents you received at the adoption center with you when you take your kitten to the vet for the first time. If that isn’t an option, make a note of the information you were given so you don’t forget it. If you have any questions, call the person from whom you adopted the kitten.

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