How to Stop Cats from acting crazy?

Why Do Cats Show crazy Behavior?

Every cat, regardless of breed, has moments when they run across a room, meow like crazy, and act as if they’re being followed on a racetrack. They fly quicker and faster, looking all over the place, before stoping.

When this type of behavior happens at night, it is commonly referred to “midnight crazies.” Your cat could try to persuade you to participate in the fun by jumping on your bed and pawing at your feet, elbows, hair, or face. The reasons for this random and occasionally funny behavior are several.

Predatory Instinct

Domestic cats maintain this impulse to some level because they are natural predators. A cat behaving crazy could be displaying hunting skills, fighting movements, or escape techniques.

Even though a house cat doesn’t have to search for food, it still has to expend pent-up energy, which may manifest itself a strange behavior. Catnip mice, laser pointers, food puzzles, and feather wands are examples of toys that motivate a cat to use its natural instincts to grab, chase, and jump. If your cat doesn’t get enough exercise outside, this is very important.

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