How to Stop Cats from acting crazy?


If you have an older cat, it’s likely that it’s acting strangely due to senility or cognitive problems. As a pet gets older, its brain may begin to work differently, resulting a strange behavior for no obvious cause.


Because it has fleas, a cat may act strangely and appear as if something is biting it. Your cat may be hypersensitive to flea bites or simply have an itch it can’t reach, especially when meowing is loud.

If you suspect your cat has fleas, treat all of the household’s furry members with a prescribed flea-killing and preventive treatment formulated exclusively for cats. You should also contact your veterinarian to examine whether the fleas have caused any secondary skin illnesses or allergies that need to be cured. You’ll also need to treat the environment by vacuuming, doing laundry, and, if your veterinarian recommends it, using flea bombs or area sprays. Your cat should stop acting like this after the fleas are gone.

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