Hyperlipidemia in Cats
Causes, Treatment, and Prevention


While the prognosis of hyperlipidemia is dependent on the cause, the illness is curable with careful dietary management. When the underlying reason for a cat’s excessive blood fat is addressed, the cat will often recover and enjoy a much healthier, happier life.
How to Prevent Cat Hyperlipidemia

The best strategy to avoid secondary hyperlipidemia in cats is to avoid underlying conditions or protect them from becoming overweight by providing a healthy, complete, and balanced cat diet and getting enough exercise.
Make sure you take your cat to the vet at least once a year for a wellness exam. Your veterinarian may be able to detect a disease in its early stages before it causes symptoms.
The only strategy to prevent primary hyperlipidemia in cats is to avoid breeding cats with the illness (because the disease is inherited).

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