Is it possible for cats to eat dog food? 3 Vet Perspectives

1- Is it safe for cats to eat dog food for a long period?

No, cats are unable to survive on a dog food diet. If a cat only eats dog food for an extended period of time, it can have negative, if not fatal, consequences. This is because the nutritional components in dog and cat food are different in order to suit the nutritional needs of these two species.

Different Nutritional Needs for Cats and Dogs

While we share our hearts and homes with both dogs and cats, nature has shaped them into quite different animals with very different nutritional needs over time. Cats are obligate carnivores by nature, which means that all of their body systems require a diet of meat-based proteins and animal fats to function effectively.

On the other hand, dogs are natural omnivores. An omnivore’s diet is more flexible, as they can eat both meat and vegetables. The nutritional requirements of cats are not matched by a dog food diet.

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