Is it possible for cats to eat dog food? 3 Vet Perspectives

2- What Are the Differences Between Cat and Dog Food?

Here are a few important distinctions between dog and cat food formulations.

  • Taste

Taste is perceived differently by cats and dogs. Cats, unlike dogs, do not have the ability to detect sweetness and the number of taste receptors in each species ranges. Cats have 470 taste buds, while dogs have 1700. Humans have over 9000 taste buds. Cat meals are designed to be highly tasty in order to convince our often picky (and taste-bud-deficient) feline companions to eat them.

*As a side note, cats are rarely interested in eating dog food because it is unattractive to them. Dogs, on the other hand, adore the tasty, high-protein composition of cat food.

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