Ragdoll cat: Everything you need to know


Large and strong, with long hair and a thick, silky coat, these lovely cats are a sight to behold. Ragdolls are a low-shedding breed, but in the spring, you may notice more shedding. This breed’s lack of shedding is due to its absence of an undercoat, although it is not called a “hypoallergenic” cat.

These cats are normally between 9–11 inches tall and 17–21 inches long (excluding their fluffy tail). According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, they weigh 10–20 pounds, with male ragdoll cats often weighing more.

Color point, bicolor, mitted, lynx point, and tortie point are the five sorts of ragdoll coat patterns, according to the Ragdoll Fanciers Club. Black, white, gray, blue, cream, lilac, chocolate, seal, and red are some of the ragdoll colors. Blue eyes are a common trait of this breed; however, they are not unique to the ragdoll.

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