Ragdoll cat: Everything you need to know

Living Requirements

According to the Ragdoll Fanciers Club, Ragdolls are generally easy to care for and a suitable fit for most families, children, adults, and grandparents. This breed gets along well with other animals as well. If you have the space and enough affection to give these big cats, they’ll be a great addition to your home.

Your ragdoll can be left alone for brief periods of time, such as a day at work, but they will miss you. These cats want human attention and thrive in homes where one (or more!) family members are present during the day. A ragdoll who is constantly left alone at home will become lonely. And if you do go for a few hours, don’t be surprised when you return to discover your ragdoll anxiously waiting for you at the door!

Keep an eye on your ragdoll’s outgoing personality. These cats were developed to be trusting and friendly, and they would approach anyone without hesitation. Keep them close and on a harness if you take them outside.

Kranz claims that just because ragdolls are docile doesn’t mean they’re lazy. These cats enjoy playing and participating in family events, so keep cat toys, scratching posts, and extra cardboard boxes on hand. They’re more than happy to relax in your arms or on your lap for lots of cuddles after a long day.

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