Ragdoll cat: Everything you need to know


The grooming requirements of the ragdoll are simple. These are clean animals that take care of most of their own needs, but they may require bathing from time to time. It’s time to put her in the bath when her coat becomes greasy and stringy.

Other routine cat care, such as nail clipping and ear cleaning, will be required for your ragdoll.

Ragdolls are playful animals that will appreciate having toys available to them. Cat trees should below to the ground because they aren’t great climbers. This breed of cat does not require much in the way of extra activity. Expect them to spend a lot of time lying around, with short bursts of play and activity in between naps.

Ragdoll cats are generally easy to handle. They may be taught to respond when called, collect toys, and do other amusing acts. They’re also frequently quick to learn the fundamentals, including how to use scratching posts and litter boxes. (While we’re on the subject of litter boxes, these big males require large ones to suit them and allow them to sit comfortably.) Positive reinforcement, food, and praise help these people-loving cats thrive during training.

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