The Top 11 Cat Toys for 2022

The Kong Active Feather Teaser Cat Toy is the most interactive.

Playing with your cat is one of the best ways to connect with them, and this interactive toy from KONG—a firm recognized for manufacturing durable toys—is a great method to encourage your cat to chase, hunt, and catch this “prey.” A character—a bird, a flamingo, or an owl-like creature—is tied to an 18.5-inch string that extends, retracts, and effortlessly swings about in the Dangle Feet Teaser.

The character’s brilliant feathers and the crinkle sound from the filler inside urge your cat to try his hardest to catch the toy. Each toy is filled with high-quality catnip to keep your cat interested, active, and entertained. To avoid any accidents, your cat should only play with this wand toy when supervised, as with other wand toys.

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