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What Makes My Cat Smell?

Anal glands are teeny sacs that are situated near the cat’s anus. They generally release an oily, foul-smelling fluid with a fishy undertone when one defecates. Similar to a skunk’s scent glands, the fluid may also be secreted in response to extreme excitement, stress, or terror. The anal glands may occasionally swell up, contract an infection, or develop an obstruction. Some of the fluid may leak out, leaving a cat with an extremely unpleasant odor that won’t seem to go away. These cats may scoot, massage their behinds, or excessively lick their anuses.

Perianal fistulas are wounds with a tunnel-like structure in and around the anal region. Despite being relatively uncommon in cats, these conditions can be quite dangerous. Perianal fistulas are quite unpleasant and smell terrible. They frequently need surgical intervention and can result in or accompany other GI issues.

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