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What Makes My Cat Smell?

Body and Clothes

It may be an issue with the skin and coat if your cat’s odor seems to be emanating from all over the body. If your cat is obviously unclean, a bath can be beneficial. If your cat appears to be quite clean, though, there might be more going on. To treat your cat’s skin ailment, go to a veterinarian.

A cat with skin diseases may smell awful all over. The cat may have a thinning coat and obviously inflamed skin if the infection is severe. After caressing a cat with a severe skin ailment, your hands may develop a greasy, unpleasant covering. Typically, bacterial or fungal overgrowth is what gives out the odor.

Skin wounds may remain unnoticed and infected because of the hair. This could result in a wound discharge (pus) that has a bad odor. Try running your fingers through the coat and feeling for wounds if your cat’s body smells awful but you can’t seem to locate the culprit. Visit your veterinarian as soon as you can if you locate one.

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