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When to wait and when to panic about a difficult cat birth
Knowing when to worry and when to wait

Late pregnancy and early symptoms of delivery

The average cat pregnancy lasts 63 to 65 days, but some cats may carry a typical litter for either a shorter or longer period of time (range 58 to 70 days).
Up until the last week of the pregnancy, the cat’s behavior hardly changes. The pursuit of the ideal kittening bed takes center stage during that last week. Cats should be kept inside starting now so that labor may be observed.
The independent type will go to great lengths to find a dark enclosed space well away from human contact, and the dependent type will go to great lengths to seek comfort in the company of its owner and may very well choose the owner’s bed as the best place for kittening, are the two temperaments that are typically seen in cats at this stage of development.

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