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When to wait and when to panic about a difficult cat birth
Knowing when to worry and when to wait

labor anomalies, including dystocia
Depending on whether the difficulty in giving birth was brought on by issues with the queen or the kittens, dystocia (difficult birth) can be categorized as either maternal or fetal in origin. Dystocia can also be categorized based on whether it results from uterine muscular weakness or occlusion of the birth canal.
The size of the kittens is out of proportion to the mother’s birth canal, which results in obstructive dystocia. Disorders of the mother’s skeleton (healed pelvic fractures), the pelvic soft tissues (severe constipation), or the uterus itself may cause the delivery canal to be too small (uterine torsion or rupture). Obstructive dystocia in the fetus can be caused by malpresentation, severe fetal malformations (such as hydrocephalus or Siamese twins), fetal overgrowth, or even fetal mortality.

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