Where and how to Look for a Cat Sitter

Getting Ready to Leave

Let anyone who will be watching your cat come over before you leave so they can become familiar with your home and your cat’s routine and essential care. Make a list of how much to feed your cat and when it eats, as well as any medications it takes and any care it requires. Make a note of your veterinarian’s name, phone number, and address just in case.

Show the cat sitter where the cat food is kept, as well as the litter box, litter, and cleaning supplies. If you board your cat, the sitter will ask you to fill out a paper with feeding instructions and other details. Many cat sitters will text or send you a written report with photos each day so you don’t have to worry about your cat while you’re away. Some boarding facilities feature “pet cams,” which allow you to see what your cat is up to by video. Knowing your cat is safe and happy while you are away from him helps you to chill out and enjoy your vacation or work trip without worrying about your precious pet.

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