The Top 10 Hairless Cat Breeds for a special Pet pal

Cats with no hair are a sight to behold. Firstly, they’re rare, so you won’t see them every day. There are also several recognized breeds, each of which is unique in its own manner. Some hairless cats have fine peach hair, while others are completely smooth.

  Breed Features

Hairless breeds are the result of gene mutations that have done away with their protective fur.  These kitties require special attention. They frequently struggle to stay warm, requiring the use of sweaters and other cold-weather clothing. And if your cat spends any time on a window ledge, its skin will benefit from sunscreen. In addition, some hairless cats will require bathing on a regular basis to avoid oil buildup on their skin. Hairless cats are also more active and have a faster metabolism, requiring a little more high-quality food to meet their energy needs.

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