Your New Kitten’s First 30 Days

It’s exciting to get a new kitten. It’s possible that you had been looking forward to getting a litte cute cat for some time or that you were completely unaware that one was on the way to your home. Nevertheless, despite the circumstances surrounding the arrival to your house, the first month you spend with your new kitten is a month of transition. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make this transition much easier.

In the days before Bringing Home Your Kitten

You should take some time to get ready for the arrival of the kitten if you intend to bring a new kitten home. Get the supplies your kitten will require and arrange them in your home so that other family members and pets may begin to become used to them. Before the birth of the new little cat, diffusers or sprays containing synthetic relaxing pheromones can be obtained and used to help older cats and the new kitten feel comfortable.

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