8 Things Your Cat Loves

2 Cats enjoy grooming and being well-groomed.

Did you know that adult cats groom themselves for over half of their waking hours? Grooming is clearly a crucial component of a cat’s existence!

There are several reasons why cats spend so much time grooming:

  • It helps to keep them clean. Grooming not only helps cats remove filth and grime from their coats, but it also keeps predators and prey from detecting them. How? Licking their coats eliminates any odors that have been absorbed.
  • It keeps their skin and coat in good condition. Grooming on a regular basis disperses the oils produced naturally by a cat’s skin and fur, keeping her coat healthy, lustrous, and hydrated.
  • It makes them feel at ease. Isn’t there nothing more relaxing than a massage? Cats, on the other hand, have the same feelings! Instead of going to a masseuse, they just groom themselves to relieve stress and relax down.
  • It aids in their socialization with other cats. Cats groom one another—and their owners! —in order to grow and enhance their friendship. Cats are frequently seen grooming each other in difficult-to-reach areas.
  • It calms them down. Humans perspire. Canine’s pant. Cats lick their own fur. Cats use saliva to cool themselves when it’s extremely hot outside.

If your cat enjoys being stroked by humans, try brushing his fur using a natural bristle or rubber brush. It will eliminate any residue from his fur and feel really calm.

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