8 Tips for Helping Your Cat Lose Weight

Cats that have a healthy weight are happier, more nimble, and live longer lives. Obesity, defined as being 20% or more above normal weight, is the most commonly recognized nutritional issue in domestic cats, and it is often preventable!

Why is it important for your cat to maintain a healthy weight?

Obesity can have a negative impact on one’s quality of life. Overweight cats are less likely to physically connect with their families and are frequently less lively, playful, and lethargic.
They are also more likely to acquire a number of major health issues, including those listed below.
Obesity in Cats: What Causes It?
Obesity in cats, like in humans, has a range of causes and contributing factors; it isn’t always as simple as overfeeding. Prior to initiating a weight loss program, it is critical to determine if there are any potential underlying medical factors for obesity.

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