8 Tips for Helping Your Cat Lose Weight

  • Calculate Your Cat’s Daily Food Allowance
    Overfeeding is a very prevalent reason for cats becoming overweight. A good place to start is by measuring their daily meals using a cup or scale.
    Transition away from free feeding, which involves constantly leaving food out, and toward regular feedings. There’s no way to know how much each cat is eating when there’s an endless bowl of food. It may appear to be convenient at first, but it is a major source of obesity.
    Start by doing more frequent, scheduled, smaller meals and making a big announcement when it’s mealtime so the kittens can get used to the new routine as they transition away from free-feeding. Consider utilizing an automatic feeder that dispenses a predetermined amount of food at predetermined times.
    Creating individual food stations for your cats can also be beneficial. Cats dislike eating together, can have resource guarding concerns, and mealtime should not be stressful

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