Are Cats Able to Eat Fruit?

  • Strawberries:

In general, strawberries are harmless for cats and can be given to them occasionally as a treat. Offer your cat strawberries, but only in modest amounts. They should only be given occasionally to avoid consuming too much sugar because they are high in natural sugars. To get rid of any impurities or probable pesticides, properly wash the strawberries. Before giving the flowers to your cat, remove the stalks and leaves.

  • Bananas:

Cats can occasionally be given bananas as a treat because they are generally safe to consume. Due to their high natural sugar content, bananas should only be consumed in moderation to avoid consuming too much sugar. You can give your cat little chunks of ripe bananas; however, cats shouldn’t eat the banana skin. They find it challenging to digest, which could result in digestive problems.

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