Are Cats Able to Eat Fruit?

Fruits to keep your cat away from:

Some fruits may be poisonous to cats or cause stomach problems, so they should avoid them. Fruits should only be given to cats in small amounts as a rare treat because their digestive systems are made to consume a diet high in meat. Generally speaking, the following fruits are not safe for cats:

Raisins and grapes: Raisins and grapes can be poisonous to cats and can result in kidney failure or kidney damage. It’s best to completely avoid offering them to your cat.

Oranges, lemons, and grapefruits are examples of citrus fruits that contain chemicals and essential oils that aggravate cats’ digestive systems. Avoiding these fruits is recommended.

Avocado: Cats are poisoned by a chemical in avocados called persin. It may result in nausea, diarrhea, and other digestive problems.

Fruit pits and seeds should never be eaten by cats because they can suffocate them or contain poisonous compounds. The same rule applies to stems and leaves. Furthermore, many fruits’ stems and leaves should never be eaten since they are poisonous or difficult to digest.

Contact your veterinarian right away for guidance and assistance if you think your cat may have eaten a hazardous fruit or if your cat is showing any signs of illness after eating a fruit.

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