Can Cats see spirits, Angels, or Ghosts? The Truth explained

What Do the Experts Say?

People usually adore telling stories about Cats, particularly around Halloween. If you talk with an animals specialists, you might come to believe that there’s something with the possibility that cats can see and perhaps talk with phantoms, spirits, or other paranormal souls.

Jackson Galaxy, cat behavior and health expert, alongside the host of Animal Planet’s « My Cat From Hell », consented to a meeting with Madeleine Aggeler, a journalist for The Cut.

When asked If cats could truly see ghosts, Galaxy clarified, “Cats have involved detecting things that we, as people, can’t. Their eyes can see impeccably with the littlest piece of light, they can hear six to multiple times better compared to us, and their hairs are created perfectly to sense everything from temperature changes to air current changes.”

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