De-Matting a cat

Remove the mat

Carefully glide sharp, blunt-nosed scissors along the skin into the mat, holding them perpendicular to the skin; the bottom blade should slide along the skin. Into the mat, cut up. Make a smooth cut while avoiding pulling the hair.

Give your cat a small treat and commend it for its patience.

Cut again after moving the scissors over half an inch. When you’re ready, start pulling the divided mats apart with your fingertips, and loose pieces will simply pull away.

Brush the mat

Begin with a separate part of the mat and use your non-dominant hand to hold the base of the mat down with your thumb and forefinger so the comb does not pull hair out.

Begin carefully combing through the mat piece with a fine-toothed flea comb, beginning at the very tip of the hairs. As you work, move down into the mat, occasionally using only the first three or four pegs of the comb for hard places.

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