How to Have a Cat If You Are Allergic to them

Consider taking Allergy Medicine

When coping with a cat allergy, many individuals choose medication first. Over-the-counter or prescription medication, natural therapies like BioAllers, or a series of allergy shots (immunotherapy) are all options to consider. Remember to always consult with your doctor or allergist before starting any new treatment.

Go to Friends With Cats.

Visit a buddy who has an outgoing cat to get up and personal with a feline on a limited basis. Request that your friend selects a time when the cat is fed, comfortable, and relaxed. Ask your friend whether you can use allergy relief spray or wipes on the cat while you’re there.

Use your allergy medication 30 minutes before the scheduled time. Allow the cat to control the pace when you arrive. At first, you may be greeted by being sniffed at your feet and legs. You can dangle your hand in front of the cat to check whether it rubs up against it, which may suggest that petting is appropriate. If your allergies are under control, you could let the cat hop into your lap. Keep your stay to no more than 15 minutes to ensure the comfort of both you and the cat.

Return in a week or two with the same cat and stay for a longer period of time, up to half an hour. Begin to branch out and visit other cat-owning pals.

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