What’s the reason behind My Cat’s Weight Loss?

Is your cat losing weight? Weight loss that is unexpected is frequently a symptom of an under lying health issue. Many people truly think that weight loss in older cats is typical, however this is not true. If your cat’s weight loss is unusual, it’s important that you act quickly.

How to tell if Your Cat is losing weight

When your cat loses weight gradually, it’s difficult to know if he’s really losing weight. It can be difficult to tell when your cat has lost weight if he or she has a lot of hair or was previously slightly overweight.

Start by checking your cat’s body from above to examine his or her health. At a healthy weight, there should be a tuck at the waist which is visible but not that much. After that, rub your hands along the sides of your cat. The ribs should be perceptible and covered with a thin layer of fat. If your cat’s ribs are thick and noticeable, he or she is probably underweight.

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