Are you thinking about adopting a pet?

Based on your lifestyle, here’s the best animal for you

Adopting a cat is a huge decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially given the large number of animals brought into shelters each year—6.5 million cats and dogs alone. But don’t worry; there are actions that aspiring pet owners can take to help change this situation, and it all starts with finding a pet that matches your style. While dogs and cats make wonderful companions, there are many more animals who are just as affectionate and are looking for their happy homes. So, whether you’re a frequent traveler for work or a working father of three, our pet expert, is here to help you find your next animal.

1 – compete in marathons :

You have enough energy to keep up with a herding dog if you have enough energy to run several kilometers a day. In fact, they’d love to join you on your run! The Australian shepherd, border collie, and German shepherd, to mention a few, are all members of this breed. Shepherd dogs are also exceptionally intelligent, making them easy to train. Their cleverness, on the other hand, can get them into problems because they get bored rapidly if they are not given enough time and space to run around. A backyard is a benefit, but it isn’t necessary; just keep in mind that an energetic dog will require long walks (or runs) to stay happy.

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