Are you thinking about adopting a pet?

4 – I work hard and I don’t have time :

If regular scheduled walks and feedings are too much for you, an aquarium can be self-sufficient, but it requires a few months of planning. You can even control the feeding and circulation of water. Owners of fish can have a variety and healthy aquarium that doesn’t require much maintenance if they invest the time and money up front. Fresh water aquariums are less expensive and time consuming than salt water tanks – just make sure you have adequate tank space for all of your fish.

5 – I’m a busy parent :

Cats, contrary to popular belief, may be extremely affectionate, playful, and sociable, making them ideal pets for busy individuals or families. So, take your time to evaluate if a particular shelter cat is a good fit for you. With the exception of kittens, most cats are self-sufficient if left alone for a few hours. Plus, because cats use a litter box and can graze on kibble all day, they don’t need to – and shouldn’t – leave the house.

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