Where and how to Look for a Cat Sitter

  • Professional Sitter for your cat

A professional cat sitter is a fantastic choice if you can’t locate a family member, friend, or neighbor to care for your cat. Professional cat sitters can visit your home multiple times a day to feed and play with your cat, as well as cleanout the litter box. Some professional pet sitters will even move in full-time while you’re gone, ensuring that your cat is never alone. Pet sitters will do other domestic jobs such as pick up your mail, water your plants, and take out the trash, much like non-professionals.

There are a variety of options for finding a fantastic professional cat sitter. You can get a reference from your veterinarian or groomer, or from friends, family, or neighbors. If you can’t receive a personal recommendation, look for local pet sitters on social media. You can also use pet sitting websites to find a licensed professional pet sitter.

Professional cat sitters charge different prices depending on where you live and whether the sitter visits a few times a day or stays in your home the entire time you’re gone. Fees for cat sitting can be comparable to those charged by boarding facilities, while they may be slightly higher for overnight sitting.

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