Your cat Can’t Urinate? what you should do

If a cat is unable to urinate, the kidneys are unable to do their vital role of filtering toxins from the blood and excreting them in the urine. Toxin levels in the body rise, making the cat sick. An obstructed cat will eventually die if not treated medically.

Cats with urinary blockage may or may not have a urinary tract infection at the same time. The obstruction could be the result of or the cause of a urinary tract infection.

Signs Your Cat Is Having Urinary Issues

Cats are often excellent at hiding illness; it is a survival instinct for them. However, there are several indicators that might help you evaluate whether or not your cat is having urination issues.

When a cat makes many trips to the litter box, this is the most visible indicator of urinary obstruction. Take a deeper look if you observe this happening. Examine your cat’s litter box. Is he pressing his bladder but not passing any urine? Is he simply urinating in little drops? Examine the litter box for indications of urine. If your cat has gone to the litter box multiple times yet the litter is dry he is most likely not passing urine. If you notice your cat straining with little to no urine coming out, he is most likely obstructed.

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