7 Signs That Your Cat Is in Pain

Pain Symptoms

Cats, like people, can show behavioral changes when they are in pain. In fact, behavioral changes in cats frequently precede physical signs.

It’s vital to be aware of your cat’s regular attitude and behaviors. The usual attitude, energy level, locomotion, appetite, sleep habits, thirst, and other physical and behavioral habits of your cat are all taken into consideration. Even the tiniest change in your cat’s behavior could indicate that he or she is sick or in discomfort. Because your cat can’t tell you it’s in pain, it’s up to you to figure out if there are any unusual behavior patterns that could be related to pain. If your cat is acting out of character, it could be a sign that they are in discomfort.

Note that changes in your cat’s everyday habits aren’t necessarily due to aging. Although age is not an illness, your cat is more likely to be in pain as they get older.

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