7 Signs That Your Cat Is in Pain


A cat with a lot of pain would sit hunched over in a guarded, crouching position with its back raised higher than normal, head lowered, and front paws folded under it as if it’s trying to roll up into a ball. When the cat lays down, you’ll notice that instead of stretching out on its side, it maintain sits legs tucked up below it. It may avoid scratching behaviors when they have difficulties to do so.

What Should You Do If You Fear Your Cat Is In Pain?

Do not give cats pain relievers made for humans or dogs. Cats take medications in a unique way compared to other animals. Pain relievers that are commonly used in humans can be fatal to cats. Always seek veterinary help and consult your veterinarian for a pain management strategy that is right for your kitten. Rather than allowing your cat to suffer in quiet, consult your veterinarian and address any potential pain. Our cat companions rely on us to speak for them, so keep an eye on them and inform the veterinarian if you have any concerns.

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