Is it true that cats have nine lives?

Three Ways to Make Your Cat Live Longer and Happier

  • 1. Stimulation of the environment

Toys, food (a healthy diet goes a long way!), puzzles, cat trees, and scratching posts are just a few ways to enrich a cat’s life and prevent stress and boredom.

  • 2. “Cat-proof” your home

“Make sure the plants and flowers in your home aren’t toxic to cats, that electrical cords are covered so they can’t be chewed, and that small items like hair bands, needles, string, and paper clips are out of reach so your cat doesn’t swallow them and end up in the emergency room,” Lugones advises. Toxic foods and pharmaceuticals should also be kept out of reach.

  • 3. Veterinary visits once a year

You should take your new cat to the family veterinarian as soon as possible to familiarize yourself with their needs. Regardless of how much your cat complains, regular checkups guarantee that any medical issues are treated early on.

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