Ragdoll cat: Everything you need to know


This cute breed is one of the most peaceful cats around. The name “ragdoll” comes from their tendency for going limp when picked up. These cats adore being cuddled and caressed, and will happily stay in your arms for as long as you want.

The ragdoll has a sweet, soft, and affectionate personality. These gentle felines enjoy and seek human contact, yet they are rarely demanding. Ragdolls are fantastic companion pets because they are incredibly loyal and devoted to their owners.

You won’t hear much from these silent cats when it comes to noise. Ragdolls don’t make a lot of noise unless they’re bothered by something. They usually make little, lovely meows and beeps to let you know they’re hungry or need some affection when they do speak up.

Unlike other cats, your ragdoll might not enjoy climbing to the highest areas in the house. These cats prefer to stay low to the ground (the CFA refers to them as “floor cats”) but can happily jump up on a sofa or bed to stay next to you.

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